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Site Concept

The site uses artistic memes to convey important ideas about vegan and whole food plant-based living. You are welcome to share these memes widely. Let's raise awareness and plant the seeds of veganism together!

I collaborate with many talented artists and photographers, using their images (with credited permission) as well as photos and artwork of my own to create memes.

The site is a tool for helping more people learn that we desperately need to transition to a vegan/plant-based world, and we need to do it quickly.

New memes will be available on a regular basis so please check in often. And there are a few more items planned for the future, so stick around!

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Ethical Thoughtful Lifestyle

Vegantegrity is about living with integrity — merging ethics, education, philosophy, personal evolution and health in the most wholistic sense.

It is about aligning lifestyle choices and actions with known facts about animal rights, human health and environmental concerns. One of the best ways to live with integrity in these areas is to choose an organic whole food plant-based diet.

This safe, healthy, delicious and enjoyable way of eating saves billions of animals from massive unnecessary and undeserved suffering. It is the best way to eat for human health, and is the most respectful diet choice with regard to our impact on our precious planet's environment.

Lettuce eat plants! And thrive!


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