Vegantegrity wholistic ethical living

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So many beautiful reasons to be vegan

Take a path of harmony and non-violence

Do as little harm as possible

Vegan for animals, for people, for Earth, for good, for life. Sheep and herbs

Zombies eat flesh. People are not zombies. Eat plants.

Learn Change Evolve

Eat flora not fauna.

Eat the plants, the whole plants and nothing but the plants.

I used to eat meat, dairy and eggs. Then I woke up.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of hummus, Statue of Liberty

But vegan food is weird. Vegan food is simple. Ever eaten an apple? Green apple sliced in half

Meat is misery. Vegan is vitality.

I scream - when you violate me, take my baby and steal my milk. You scream, when you find out you have cancer from eating dairy foods. We all scream for ice cream. Cow bellowing, woman screaming, headline reading Cancer

Peace Love Vegan

There are butchers, animal farmers, cattle ranchers, scientists, nutritionists, bodybuilders, athletes, nurses and doctors who go vegan. If they can do it any individual can.

Find a moral compass-ion. Vegan. Compass pointing North

Do not be SAD. Adopt a Green Lifestyle And Diet - be GLAD.

Love your guts. Protect and nurture your gut microbiome. Eat plants.