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Goodness Gracious Vegan

Fork it! Go vegan.

Garbage out. Glorious in. No meat. No dairy. Yes vegan.

Powered by plants

World's most impactful power tool - the fork

Peace begins on our plates.

Eat fresh plants not flesh parts.

Quoth the vegan - nevermore.

Lean clean green thriving machine

All plants all the time

One to change a few. A few to change many. Many to change the world. Starts with one.

Considered difficult - actually difficult

If we can learn to use phones we can learn to be vegan. Eat plants.

My only regret about being a vegan is not doing it sooner.

When you and your friends find out there are new vegan options at your favorite restaurant

Ahimsa - absence of violence in physical mental and emotional forms - includes all animals

When we free all animals we free ourselves.

Preserve our Mother Earth. Protect all creatures. Respect ourselves.