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Memes Page 3 - Please Share!

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Vegan For World Peace - white doves flying and blue hands imprinted with world map

Love The Earth - woman face superimposed with green moss and tree roots

Humans are built to eat only plants so call me a complex CARBivore.

Build Your Own Canceroni Pizza - pepperoni pizza in box

We should protect our endothelium as if our life depends upon it. Because it does. Eat plants. Red closeup of blood vessel interior with red blood cells

Whole grains for health gains - closeup of beige einkorn plants growing

Vegan because humans are not designed to eat animals - Leonardo DaVinci Vitruvian Man drawing on parchment

Plants have feelings about as much as animals have roots - drawing of a hand with knife cutting a peach saying ouch and a cow with roots instead of hooves

What more is there to know? Be kind, be healthy, be vegan - white stone wall and dark brown wood floor with large white question mark

Not beef property leather steak dairy or milk. She is a sentient individual - closeup of dark eye of reddish brown cow

They said we need meat for strength, milk for calcium, eggs for protein. Now we know better. Better go vegan.

So lovely to be a vegan. Three-dimensional cutout white paper flowers on white paper background.

Listen to that voice that says stop eating animals - that is called conscience. Talking mouth and nose merged into large ear

I would eat an animal as readily as I would eat a roommate. White cow on pale blue sofa indoors with modern art on wall, blue carpet and blue table with terra cotta potted plant

Want to make it a better world with me? Let's become vegans. Black pen and ink drawing of boy and girl facing each other, talking in front of four large windows with clouds and sky

Vegan on the right track - sepia tone forest with old rail cart tracks going into sunlit distance

To truly care for the trees we must stop eating the animals. Profile of man's head and neck superimposed with forest evergreen trees

We are not chops, fleece or wool. We are sacred mother and child, family. White mother sheep and her lamb on hay