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Memes Page 4 - Please Share!

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If I could give you anything you wish what would it be? A vegan world. Black silhouettes of man kneeling and woman standing, holding hands with aurora borealis lights in background

Radical Vegan - head and front legs of golden-green iguana

Great minds think vegan. Profile black and white view of man and woman heads facing each other superimposed with lime green diagrams of brains and planetary network grid on black background

Vegan The Future Is Now - green interstate freeway signs with teal, green and black starry background

We cannot keep on killing animals, poisoning ourselves, and polluting the Earth. There is another way. Eat only plants. Numerous black and white road signs printed with ANOTHER WAY superimposed with repeating 3D grid in gold, red and steel blue colors on black background

It is time to be vegan. Red alarm clock with white face sitting on brightly colored green, orange, magenta, red, brown and turquoise boards with rustic texture and nailheads

Against cruelty, loves animals, but still eats them? Don't be two-faced. Be vegan. Black and white woman face altered to have 3 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths

No Meat, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Problem - black and white road signs with red smiley face sign in front of young man happily jumping in air in black and white Brooklyn street scene with brick road, parked cars and skyscrapers in background

It will take more than just swapping out straws. To save the seas we must stop eating the fish. Digital oil painting effect on closeup of fish face on turquoise and black background

Teach the children well. Make the world a better place. Make it vegan - Black silhouettes of male teacher, boys and girls students in front of gray chalkboard

Wait a minute. We are not babies yet we drink milk. We are not calves yet we drink cows' milk. And yet we wonder why we are sick, fat and hormonal. See a connection yet? Pale white squinting, questioning woman's face closeup

It is so natural to be vegan even children can do it. Stick figure drawings of pig, sheep, cow, happy boy and jumping girl on mint green and white polka dot background

People cannot fly - birds can. People cannot breathe underwater - fishes can. Animals are not lesser. They are diverse. They deserve respect. They have rights. Gray and turquoise text on pale mint green and white striped background

I am so deeply sorry to all the animals I harmed before I woke up. Black and white pen and ink watercolor of sad woman face with green eyes

The feeling from watching the world go vegan - large juniper tree with long swing holding happy man viewed from behind with his arms outstretched with expansive green mountains and blue sky background

Thank you but I don't want flowers. I want you to be vegan. Black silhouettes of man giving flowers to woman in party dress near a large bare tree with dark blue nighttime starry sky background

Taking the steps to be vegan is worth the effort. White stone steps each inscribed with the word vegan leading up to long telescoping white hallway with series of high archways

When the person you love most goes vegan with you - orange convertible VW beetle with top down and blond man in drivers seat with his bride standing on top of the back seat wearing a white wedding dress blowing in the wind - several hot air balloons over a hazy canyon scene in background