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Thinking of going vegan? You got this. White sign with black letters inserted that spell out YOU GOT THIS on wooden tabletop next to smart phone and side of laptop computer

Dream of a vegan world. Act to make it a reality. White letters on green leafy backgrounds

It's black and white. Be vegan or support cruelty. Black and white photo of 3 black and white spotted cows with ear tags facing camera with black and white text

Real men protect animals. Real men eat plants. Male bodybuilder's arm flexed with big muscles on black background with lime green text

No fangs. No claws. No meat. Black and white photo of young woman with smiling non-carnivorous teeth and hands showing no fangs splayed on either side of her face with white text on green background

Eating animals for protein is taking the long wrong way. Eat plants. Beige craggy mountain desert scene viewed from above with white car traversing a twisting winding road of switchbacks up to a closed gate with WRONG WAY sign on it - white text

Be the light even if alone at first. Others will follow. Side of beige apartment building with multiple windows and only one window with a light shining out of it down on to VEGAN text

Green and black large beveled letters - WFPBNO whole food plant based VEGAN

Paleo Craze - misinformed attempt to emulate ancients who didn't bathe, who couldn't read or write and who died around age 30 - caveman cartoon scratching his heat - Be here now. Eat plants in white letters on black background

But we've always done it this way said the slave keeper, the spouse beater, the meat eater. Archaic traditions should now be abandoned. White and lime green letters on black and white background image of 3 hammered links in a thick chain

End violence. Stop cruelty. Get healthy. Protect earth. Vegan. Green letters on dewy green leaf background

Mother pigs spend their lives in tiny pens like these unable to stand or turn around. Imagine living life trapped in an airline seat and having to use the toilet there too. This is cruel. This is wrong. This is animal agriculture. Photo of mother pig lying in a farrowing crate with several piglets suckling from outside the crate bars - photo of empty airline seat superimposed with jail bars

Compassionate is the new powerful. Vegan is the new successful. White 3D graph with lime green arrow progressing upward on white background with lime green text

People deserve health. Animals deserve peace. Earth deserves respect. Vegan for all. Golden white starburst on softly blurred image of green grasses and yellow flowers with brown and yellow text

Not bacon. Not pork. We are feeling individuals with distinct personalities, likes and dislikes. We value our lives and our freedom. Just like you. Photos of faces of three pink pigs with tan and pink text on dark brown background

We care about our children. Just like you. Photos of group of cows and calves, pig and piglet, hen and chick, ewe and three lambs, human mother and father kissing their daughter

Red and white paper stick-on nametag saying Hello I am Me in black marker. I am someONE not someTHING. I am an individual not wings or nuggets, not white meat or dark meat, not here for eggs. I am a feeling thinking being with my own ideas. I love my freedom. Just like you. Rust colored chicken with bright red comb on softly blurred green background

Eating animals kills them, kills Earth, kills us. Eat plants not animals. Black and white image of human eye with superimposed red tinted image of mountains and flock of birds flying inside eyeball area and a pink tear starting to fall from the eye, red text