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Memes Page 6 - Please Share!

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Get with the game. We can heal ourselves and heal the planet. Green leaves and beige Scrabble tiles spelling out PLANT BASED on white background

Then came the day when we quit eating animals. People thrived. Animals lived. Earth healed. We evolved. VEGAN. Beautiful fantasy angel with white feathered wings and lavender dress

Arms and hands of five people with raised hands in V position coming together to form a star on purple backlit background

If slaughterhouses had windows - the most graphic make-believe horror movies can not compete with the depraved reality of animal agriculture. Exterior view of 12-paned window with most panes blocked by dingy brown interior paper but 2 panes ripped open showing a monstrous demon screaming with a mouth full of ugly sharp hideous teeth, white text

We can give thanks for our lives without taking the lives of others. Colorful painting of turkey.

Traditions have existed for a long time. But they can evolve. We can evolve and find ways to express our spirituality that do not involve killing. Photo of two white lambs hugging each other.

Thankful for vegans. In a world that can seem rife with unkind people and actions, vegans are a soothing balm on our collective soul. Veganism is kindness, love, and respect in action.

You don't have to kick a dog to be an animal abuser. Eating a diet of meat, dairy and eggs is animal abuse, too.

We are eating children when we eat animals.