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Ve-cards: Vegan Electronic Cards For Birthdays

Feel free to copy and paste individual ve-card images, or use the social media sharing buttons on each ve-card's page to share.
Share as much or as little, or none, of the text that accompanies each ve-card, whatever works best for you.

Sweet brown calf - hey my vegan friend, have a beautiful birthday.

White bunny nibbling yellow flower - happy sweet gentle vegan birthday.

Two donkeys with comical expressions - Happy Birthday You Awesome Vegan.

Cute fluffy yellow chick - Happy birthday to one of my favorite vegans.

Duck in green field looking out at sunburst - Have a beautiful vegan birthday.

Two sheep with mellow smiles - Enjoy a blissful vegan birthday.

Mellow goat with eyes closed - Wishing you a mellow and peaceful time for your vegan birthday.

Ewe walking with lamb - We wish you a happy birthday and we thank you for making it vegan.

Rooster crowing - Something to crow about - a vegan having a birthday. Wishing you a happy day.

Small green sprout in dark brown soil - Happy beautiful birthday to a fellow seed-planting vegan.

Colorful strawberry illustration - Happy vibrant vegan birthday.

Sliced kiwi fruit illustration - Hey you awesome vegan, happy birthday. May your day be bursting with joy.